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Let’s is a mobile app that helps you meet new people and join fun activities. We are simplifying offline meetups anytime, any day, with the click of a button.

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Katherine, 29

Meet Katherine

Katherine is 29 and works in PR for a new startup Let's, she just finished a long day of work and feels like grabbing a drink with someone nearby, so Katherine creates a meetup on Let's.
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Ben, 24

Meet Ben

Ben is 24 and just finished a long day at the office. He doesn't have any plans and is looking for something to do. Ben sees that Katherine wants to get drinks and swipes right to show interest in joining her.
Katherine, 29

Katherine, 29

With the click of a few buttons Katherine can view Ben's profile, his interests and even chat with him. Katherine likes Ben's profile and they share many similar interest. She would like for him to join her, so she send's Ben an invite to meet up.
Ben, 24

Ben, 24

Ben accepts Katherine's invitation for drinks and soon after they are sitting at the Orange Peel enjoying the company of one another :) .

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