Y Combinator, the adventure of the Fellowship

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So its official we are probably one of the 3000+ applicants crossing our fingers and hoping for the best as we hit the submit button 15 minutes before the deadline for the YC Fellowship Summer Program.

We are quite excited as all these months of hard work planning, surveying, designing and engineering a great product are all coming together. It is all very exciting, exhausting and at the same time quite daunting to be honest.

That uncertain feeling you get while the questions stir in your mind,

“Are we going about this the right way?”

“What if we get accepted, what if we don’t get accepted?”

“What is the right market to go after at launch?”

“How is the best way to reach our users?”

We ask ourselves these questions almost daily. The exhausting part you ask, the answer to these questions change almost daily. Don’t miss understand me, I am not indecisive, but with limited funding “Let’s” cannot cover every angle at this time and we want to ensure that we make the best choice to start.

As the days countdown to the response date we remain positive and excited, but whether or not we get accepted “Let’s” will make it to market and we hope that the users we have built it for enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed building it for them.



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