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So I finally finished college and decided to make a big move to the city, New York City that is. I don’t know anyone here or have a job lined up just yet but I believed that everything will work out, or maybe I am just hoping haha. I am not the most social person, but at the same time I don’t consider myself to be a hermit, I just have difficulty getting to the ‘Meet’. After the first few weeks of boredom I finally went out and tried to meet some new people.

So here are my tips on what worked for me when trying to meet people:

1.) Hanging out at approachable places.

What I mean by this is, being at places where you can do some work but at the same time are around people that are relaxed, not in a hurry and on their own give you more of a chance to interact with them. Starbucks for example is a great example. People usually are alone and relaxing while there and it usually is easier to start a conversation with them.

2.) Social Apps were my friend.

Apps like Meetup, Tinder and Bumble to name a few worked great to meet new people nearby that I might have something in common with either same gender or opposite. At the same time I was almost sure that they would like someone new as well because they were on the App as well. Bumble even added a new just friends feature to make it less awkward to meet friends.

3.) Joining an activity group

Joining a gym, yoga class, startup community, biking club or any other group allows for you to become part of a community where everyone shares a similar interests and is a little more open to interacting. I joined a Startup-Community because well that is my passion atm and I meet some great fun people.


So…those are my tips for meeting people in the city. I would love to hear what works for you. Please feel free to leave me a comment. Thanks!


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