Why “Let’s” should be in your top 5 social apps

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Over the last couple of months “Let’s” has rapidly moved from idea, to concept and finally to a functional mobile app. The journey has been exciting, but not without difficulties. But let’s be honest, which good story doesn’t have a couple of twists and turns.

After month of hard work we are happy to present “Let’s”, a mobile app for ….”Simplifying meetups.”, “Meeting people and doing fun activities”, “Redefining the way people meet”, and “Getting to know people through fun activities” … these were all slogans we juggled trying to find the right way to describe “Let’s”. We built “Let’s” because people love meeting new people, spending time with them, talking and enjoying company but over the years despite the advances we have made it is still remains difficult.

Imagine, most people can apply and get a credit card instantly with a $3000 – $5000 limit but to meet someone new many spends hour on sites like Ok Cupid or apps like Bumble and get nowhere! The statistic floating around about the world’s largest matching or ‘dating’ app Tinder is that 1% of matches actually result in a successful meetup. That is a 1% goal conversion considering the goal is to actually meet someone, and if you think about it that 1% is actually more like 0.0015% of swipes users make representing the desire to meet or match. We believe there must be a way to increase that success rate.Join Let's Today!

For this reason we launched “Let’s” with one goal, to make a simple and efficient way for people to find and meet each other in person. And what better way to meet someone than through a fun activity, where you can be relaxed, do something you enjoy and be yourself! We believe by matching users based on the activities instead of profiles can lead to more meetups give users more opportunities to find people they connect with.

“Let’s” increase the 1% meetup rate that Tinder flaunts, join our Beta and be and early adopter “Redefining the way people meet.” 🙂  –  http://www.joinlets.com


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