How you can make “Let’s” your campus ground this summer


College is without a doubt some of the best times you will experience. I mean let’s be honest, everything is just more accessible and fun. You can take one step outside your dorm, spot a few friends, and instantly have something to do. The social atmosphere is what makes being in college so unique and exciting, it is what all students miss when looking back and honestly it is irreplaceable. The loss of this “social bliss” experience on move out day can make the transition to living at home for the summer even more difficult. Most of my friends have done nothing but binge watch ‘Game of Thrones’ and send group chats/tweets about “How boring it is at home?”, “Can I be back at school yet?”, “There’s nothing to do here” and “If my mom tells me to clean my room one more time we will have an issue.” I know that if you are on any sort of social media you regularly see exactly what I’m talking about.


The boredom I am experiencing has driven me to start exploring the online meet up scene. Being in the NYC area, I have an almost endless supply of new places to eat, concerts to see and happy hours to drink at. Even though I do not have many friends living here at the moment, the amount of students that are here with internships, summer vacationing or just around exploring the city for the day is incredible. Knowing this I am trying out a couple of apps that are supposed to be simple for convenient meet ups, and like most I have switched off empty handed. I found that many of these apps didn’t have the type of people I was looking for, and gave off a vibe that made me embarrassed to talk about my experience with friends, or even tell anyone I made a profile for that matter. I also realized that none of these platforms had what made the college social life so unique. I wanted to use something that I could quickly find someone to hit the gym with, grab some lunch with or even go to a movie. In summary I wanted something that had the convenience and friendliness of approaching someone on campus, despite the “desperate” stigma a lot of my friends associate with these types of things.


“Let’s” hits the nail right on the head with what I was looking for. It calls right to your adventurous side and takes away the negativity that comes with apps like Tinder. If you’re a student, you can use “Let’s” as an extension of your campus social life this summer, connecting you with a new network of people nearby. I know that everyone reading this has tweeted or instagramed how they want to go on an adventure and meet new people. It’s about time we all actually do it! “Let’s” is the perfect way to do this. With one click you can tell someone you are interested in getting coffee at that cool new place next to your office, or you can post that you’re looking for a buddy to jog around central park with.  It’s personal, friendly and convenient, just like college. It’s perfect for people between 18 – 36 and most of the people signed onto the Beta fall into this age bracket. I know a ton of you are looking for someone to unspecified-1grab a drink after work, and “Let’s” may be a great outlet for you.


To all my fellow college students that are reading this, I challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and meet up with others in your area. On top of having a great time, a great social circle will also improve your quality of life, and being able to approach someone you don’t know in a no pressure instance is a valuable skill to have (I know I’m not the only one that’s froze up on an interview before.)  Let’s help you get your summer off to a great start, it only takes one click.


Till next time, Connor


P.S. Our launch is right around the corner, if you want to start meeting new people ASAP, add your email here.


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