5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Online Dating Experience


Today there are 40 million Americans using apps and websites for friend finding, online dating, and meet ups. That’s a whopping statistic that is constantly growing, and lucky for those of you who are 18-36 the vast majority falls right into your age bracket. Don’t be alarmed however, if you have tried and haven’t had much success with the online world. Most people need a little time to adjust to a different social environment, the internet; and as a result they tend to make a few very simple (but costly) mistakes. But don’t worry about it, today I’m going to share with you five easy and effective ways to improve your online dating / friend making experience.


  • Don’t be afraid to say hello!

People who are on Let’s joined for the same reasons you did. They want to be social, interact with unfamiliar faces and make some awesome new friends. For this to happen, someone has to initiate conversation and create a meetup! This definitely can be intimidating no matter what your personality type is, but honestly what’s the worst that can happen. Even if you get completely deaded, there are still plenty of other people out there that would love to get to know you. I wouldn’t allow your fear of rejection to limit your social life, or any aspect of your life for that matter.


  • Don’t just say hello!

Finally had the courage to say hello? Great! Now if you really want to increase your chances of getting a response don’t just say hi, add something that will grab your potential matches attention. Let’s makes this easier then ever by allowing our users to post exactly what they’re interested in doing from the get-go. So instead of just giving a simple “Hi” to the next pretty girl you see, try something like ”Hey Ashley, I noticed you’re free at 7:30pm for a drink anywhere in midtown. My office is very close and I will be leaving work around that time. Why don’t we grab a drink at. Pizati the new place on the corner of 45 & 5th?” I promise you will immediately see an increase in responses.


  • Use the Right Pictures

Before someone messages you back, odds are they’re going to take a look at your profile. You don’t want to spoil a potential match by having unflattering or confusing images. By confusing I mean one with a few of your friends or a picture with a girlfriend of yours from last weekend. I know first hand that if I cannot tell whose profile I’m viewing, they’re simply not going to get a message. This holds true for anyone who appears to be in a relationship. With the amount of people online, the potential of getting caught in a love triangle is simply not worth the hassle. In general my best advice is not to think too much about your pictures, just find one where you look relaxed, confident and are flashing those pearly whites.


  • Actually have a Profile Description

If you ask anyone on the online, I would put money down that they would agree a good ‘about you’ section really gives your profile that extra burst. I know this is everyone’s least favorite part about signing up for a new platform, but to do this effectively, all you have to do is describe yourself (shocker I know)! It sounds a tad bit cliché, but most profiles (guys especially) only say things like “I’m outgoing and adventurous.” Those are great qualities, but that doesn’t tell us much about you. Try something along the lines of, “I’m finishing up my second year at NYU law, am a big time animal lover and enjoy walking around central park on weekends.” It makes you unique and has more of a personal touch. Besides, if you can be clever with a few sentences chances are you can hold a good conversation, and potential matches know that.


5)       Be Honest!

Hopefully I don’t need to tell you, but don’t lie about yourself to people you intend on meeting. Of course most people will exaggerate about somethings online, but if you turn a complete 180 on anything in your profile, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Yeah, I’m sure you can put up a decent front for a little while, but everything eventually comes to the surface. Besides, there’s really no incentive to lie. What’s the point of meeting someone where you are constantly on edge and not able to enjoy being yourself.


Those are a few quick and easy tips that helped me improve my online dating experience. I love receiving comments and feedback so please drop me a line something in the comment section or reach out to us on Twitter @letsappme.









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